What shelf stable foods to buy?

Crackers are a great vehicle for other things you may have on hand, such as nut butter or cheese. Whole grains will be more satiating. It can always be taken by spoons, in Pb%26js, in cookies or with apples. There are non-perishable versions of the most common perishable ingredients, from butter and milk to cheese and eggs, and even meat.

In most cases, there are multiple options, from dry to freeze-dried and canned. These foods can be found in the canned food section of the supermarket, but dry products, such as dried meats and fruits, are commonly found in baked goods, such as cookies, cereals and granola, which are also stable. Always remember to consider food safety when choosing canned food at community grocery stores or food pantries. One of the easiest ways to keep food stable, dehydration removes water so bacteria can't spoil food.

Commercially manufactured freeze-dried foods are readily available, from brands such as Valley Food Storage and Emergency Essentials, as well as half a dozen others. My favorite emergency food suppliers are Valley Food Storage and Nutrient Survival, but you can read my detailed review of the best emergency food kits if you want to know the details of each company available. Using these foods to prepare meals can be enjoyable and provide a sense of well-being to those looking to get even more out of their money on food or to be prepared for emergencies all year round. While fresh foods are generally recommended for meal preparation, studies show that canned foods are comparable to cooked, fresh and frozen varieties in that they provide the main vitamins and nutrients to the American diet.

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