What are the best shelf stable foods?

Crackers are a great vehicle for other things you may have on hand, such as nut butter or cheese. Whole grains will be more satiating. It can always be taken by spoons, in Pb%26js, in cookies or with apples. There are non-perishable versions of the most common perishable ingredients, from butter and milk to cheese and eggs, and even meat.

In most cases, there are multiple options, from dry to freeze-dried and canned. Of course, if you have ground beef and some basic spices lying around, I highly recommend that you try making your own veal jerky at home. This is my recipe for how to do it. Canned sardines are the perfect, healthy food that can't be stored.

They're inexpensive, last for years and are absolutely packed with nutritional value. Sardines are a great source of healthy omega-3 fats, calcium, phosphorus and protein. In addition, they have a low content of mercury and other heavy metals, especially compared to larger fish, such as tuna. There's nothing more practical than a packaged bar that you can take with you in case you're hungry.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of “healthy” energy bars out there that are full of sugars and soy. I love making my own protein bars, like these chocolate and coconut energy bars and chia seed bars with dates and coconut oil. However, homemade products do not have the storage stability that packaged products have. So how do you find a packaged healthy snack to go? Kion energy bars are my first choice, since they don't use any unnatural preservatives, just sea salt, vitamin E and chia seeds.

In addition, they use quality ingredients and are sweetened only with organic honey. You can hear the opinion of why Kion is a great company in my interview with CEO Angelo Keely here. I love that they're prepared in portions and full of healthy ingredients, so I continue to consume my nutrients while taking care of others. In addition, they have excellent flavors such as strawberry + peach or mint + cocoa.

Of course, this is a practical option that can be an investment, so it's on my list of things to write down to try to make my own smoothie cups for freezing soon. One of the easiest ways to keep food stable, dehydration removes water so bacteria can't spoil food. While you can easily prepare your own bone broth at home (recipe here), it takes a few days and is not stable in storage.

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