What is shelf stable foods?

Crackers are a great vehicle for other things you may have on hand, such as nut butter or cheese. Whole grains will be more satiating. It can always be taken by spoons, in Pb%26js, in cookies or with apples. Stable foods refer to foods that can survive long periods of time in stores or on house shelves without spoiling.

Unopened and in their sealed containers or packages, these items can be stored in the pantry and do not need refrigeration. These foods can be found in the canned food section of the supermarket, but dry products, such as dried meats and fruits, are commonly found in baked goods, such as cookies, cereals and granola, which are also stable. It's very important to note that, once opened, some foods, such as canned meats, fruits and vegetables, will need refrigeration for any leftover quantities.

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